Why no self-respecting Spy should use the Cloak and Dagger: An explanation

If you’ve seen me on r/tf2, then there’s a fairly high chance the post was about how terrible the Cloak and Dagger is. Because i’m sick of writing the same thing over and over, here’s one of my more comprehensive explanations. I may come back and add to it at some point, in this current state it feels sort of unfinished.

Why shouldn’t you use the cloak and dagger? Newbs like to use the cloak and dagger because they think ‘Ah! Infinite cloak! I’ll be INVINCIBLE!’ Except, no. You still flicker, and it’s obvious because you’re standing in a very spy-helpful corner; trust me, good pyros know cnds will stand there to regenerate cloak, and will puff a couple flames there to catch people out.

But that’s not why you shouldn’t use it. Everything that cloak can do, other watches can do better. You can travel further with the invis watch, you have more longetivity with the dead ringer, you can’t pick up ammo to speed up regen (as mentioned above).

But the worst part is how passive it makes spies. A CnD spy will cross enemy lines and start counting enemies, waiting for the best opportunity to backstab an enemy. But everytime they see a good pick, they think ‘but something better might come along’. And then you’re in an endless circle of ‘it could be better’, which it never will be. an invis watch spy would have decloaked a while back and stabbed every single one of those people who passed. By having a limit on your cloak time, you’re effectively forced to go and kill threats to you to stay alive, which makes you more credit to team than hiding in a corner.

There’s a reason why people call it the cloak and do nothing. Either use a different watch or change class, if you stay using that watch then you will never get any better.

tl;dr makes you too passive and no advantages over other watches when used aggressively

Originally posted 21/1/12


One response to “Why no self-respecting Spy should use the Cloak and Dagger: An explanation

  • Radman Ahmadi

    In competitive play, teams often find themselves at stalemates while waiting for uber to charge (especially during last point defenses on 5cp). When playing highlander, rather than having your spy constantly suicide in, its a very good idea to have your spy equip cloak and dagger to constantly recon info like sentry placement, combo location, pyro location, uber %, sticky trap locations, etc.

    In addition to providing your team with information, the spy can actually set themselves up for a decent sap/stab while your team is pushing, rather than uselessly suiciding onto the enemy team.

    The DR is a sidegrade to the invisiwatch in the same way the gunslinger is to the engie. It can be run a majority of the time, but certain situations will always require different weapons, and being able to utilize both is essential to succeeding as the class (both engie and spy). The Cloak and Dagger is more similar to the Direct Hit. The DH is a sidegrade to vanilla, but it is also very situational. It doesnt mean it doesnt have a very real use, and players must learn to use them when they find themselves in a situation that their normal loadouts and playstyles arent going to be very effective (both soldier and spy).

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