Uber advantage and counting

This comes from a question on reddit, asking how you should count uber in competitive play. Of course, ubercharge isn’t the deciding factor in a push (head count is just as important, if not more important), but it’s still crucial to good gameplay.

  • When the enemy medic respawns, look at your ubercharge meter. This is how far ahead in uber you are than him, assuming you don’t stop building; to keep up the advantage, you need to be healing teammates who aren’t already buffed.
  • If your teammate is not buffed, you’ll build at 2.5% per second. If they are buffed, you’ll build at 1.25% per second.
  • This means that if you have a 40% advantage but you’re only building from one overhealed teammate (which could possibly happen in a worst case scenario if you’re holding last and your pocket is not hurting himself), your opponent could get uber a full 8 seconds before you. Hence the importance to be constantly building.
  • If you constantly build at max rate, you will have uber 20 seconds before your opponent if you have a 40% advantage.
  • If you know the advantage you have over your opponent and you go down, assume that when you respawn they have a (((your respawn time + 2 seconds) times 2.5)+their predeath advantage) lead. This might seem complicated, but if we take an example: -You have a 40% lead over your opponent, but a pesky scout makes you die/drop. -Respawn time is about 12 seconds, so add two to get 14 seconds -For the sake of simplicity, or if you want to err on the side of caution, you can make this fifteen seconds. -15*2.5 = 32.5%. Add their advantage over you (you had a 40% advantage) means you have a 7.5% (or three second) advantage, assuming you both build at maximum rate; pretty much negligable.

That’s pretty much the basics of counting uber. People with very strong gamesense will be able to do this without thinking; i.e they will ‘know’ whether an enemy has uber or not without doing any dumb maths, as above.


From the match start, you can assume that you both get charge at roughly the same time, which is pretty unimportant because you’re both unlikely to pop it as you get it due to the timing of it; unless you’re both missing every shot, the midfight will be over by the time you both get uber. If the enemy medic survives, but his teammates die, to all intents and purposes you can treat it as if the medic had died; wait until the first teammate respawns, then check your advantage. If your teammates die, then start counting; take the amount of time taken until you start healing teammates, times it by 2.5, then add their pre-teammates-dying advantage. Remember to constantly build!


The kritz is almost universally used for the midfight only; the problem with being on the receiving end of kritz is that it’s a surprise weapon, true to its roots – it works most successfully if you are not aware that it is being used. The kritz builds 25% faster than the regular medigun (about 3.13%/s), meaning that they will have charge a good 10 seconds or so before you. When you get to about 30 seconds into the round, or are about 75% charged, listen for the medic saying -anything-: he can call ubercharge ready if he’s not masking, or if he is masking, a common mask is calling for doctor. Of course, he could be faking, but be attentive. In either case, it might still be a good idea to get back regardless – you might lose mid, but on the plus side, you won’t die and will continue to build uber. More importantly, get information! Find out if the medic is using kritz, or if he’s acting strangely and holding far back. Either sign is a good reason to get the hell out.

Above all, practice! You can take what i’ve said into account and become a genius at counting uber, or you can totally ignore me; but with enough practice, your brain will subconsciously learn when your opponent has charge, giving you much needed insight into whether you should push or hold position. PCWs, lobbies, whatever – treat them as opportunities to keep on top of enemy uber, and try to predict when they have it and when they don’t. And have fun!

Originally posted: 25/02/12


3 responses to “Uber advantage and counting

  • Anonymous

    technically, the uber/kritz timing to middle is 80% uber = 100% kritz.

    (the kritz charges at a 25% FASTER RATE, not 25% points faster.

    So if the medigun has charged 1%, the kritz has charged 1.25%.
    Multiply by 80 and you get 80% uber = 100% kritz.)

    but yeah uber vs kritz you need to start to either retreat all the way/make a play on the medic at around 70%.

  • pereen

    “you will have uber 20 seconds before your opponent if you have a 40% advantage.”

    So you are saying that with a 40% advantage you will have uber 20 seconds sooner? I thought uber took 40 seconds to build? So if 10% is built in 4 seconds, then a 40% advantage is actually 16 seconds. Similar, but not the same.

  • Cocktorpedo

    They were rough figures; in practice you can’t say ‘he will have uber now’ because you can’t take into account whether uber is built at max rate, how often the beam is switched, etc. 20s for a 40% advantage is a rough estimate factoring in heal switching and nonefficient build time, but I appreciate your point.

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