An alternative Replay system: adapting PREC for public servers

This post is tailored towards people who mostly play on public servers.

With how buggy the replay system currently is, there’s always room for alternatives. Competitive players will already be familiar with the PREC plugin, which automatically records match demos (which are often required to be recorded by league rules).

Without further ado:
Download PREC here here here here (works as of 18/4/14), and save the files in /Steam/steamapps/accountname/team fortress 2/tf]
To adapt the PREC plugin for pub usage:

* Set prec_mode 3, prec_delete_useless_demo 1, and prec_min_streak to number of your choice, we’ll use 7 as an example. All this can be done from console.
* Bind prec_mark to a key you’ll remember (I have it bound to both ] and 0 on the keypad).
* Type prec_dir ‘demos’. Now all demos recorded will save in /Steam/steamapps/accountname/team fortress 2/tf/demos

A quick rundown;

* Prec_mode 3 tells the plugin to record every game you play.
* Prec_delete_useless_demo 1 deletes every demo you record without a killstreak or a bookmark.
* Prec_min_streak 7 sets the minimum killstreak needed to save the demo to 7
* Bind prec_mark “Your key here

The demo will contain the map, and the killstreaks.txt file generated by the plugin will tell you the time and ‘tick’ at which you can locate when you pressed mark. You can choose to record the output via fraps, or you can choose to export it as an .avi file using the recorddemo command.

If you don’t get any killstreaks in a life of 7, or if you don’t press your bookmark key, it’ll automatically delete the demo after the session. Marking the demo will save it from deletion, and give you a time in killstreaks.txt at which you marked. You can mark as many times as you like in a demo, for when you get multiple awesome moments or killstreaks.

Advantage of this system:

* Killfeed can be enabled/disabled
* HUD can be enabled/disabled
* Minimal chance of corruption of file
* Greater editing capabilities
* Automatically saves good killstreaks
* Works on servers without replays enabled


* Can require some basic knowledge of console commands. Recommended reading
* Somewhat user unfriendly UI
* May cause a framerate drop on some slower computers

With these settings, you should have no problem with corrupted replays and the like, or being on non replay servers. And you can even have the HUD and killfeed enabled if you so choose!

EDIT: Original PREC webpage has gone down. I’ve uploaded my version to Dropbox.


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