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I’m sick of explaining why the Machina is a terrible weapon

  •  Upsides only apply on full charge
  •  Fully charged headshots already kill every class in the game
  •  (Assuming damage spread off) Fully charged Machina bodyshots don’t kill any class which the Stock doesn’t except for (unconfirmed) Gas Jockey Pyros and Pain Train Demomen
  •  Penetration kills are down to the movements of the enemy, and so are pretty much unpredictable, extremely situational luck kills
  •  Tracers immediately make you target #1 from the entire enemy team
  •  No noscopes severely limits your effectiveness versus Scouts, stop headshot-noscope combo versus 175hp classes
  •  Penetration shots don’t penetrate buildings

All in all, totally worthless. Use the stock.

Originally posted 27/09/12